PIP life in CIS

We share our PIP family stories around the dinner table.

  • In PIP CIS, we all collectively understand that driving change takes effort and genuine interest.  We spend a lot of time thinking and coming up with new ideas during the day, so we’ll often meet up in the evening for dinner or just simply to hang out and relax. 
  • We work in some unique client sites, with climates changing from one place to the next.  We get to spend time in some amazing places that not a lot of people have the opportunity to visit.  Sure, they’re not always the easiest to get to, but once we’re there, it’s almost always worth the trek.
  • We are a positive, fun-loving group of people who enjoy our time together.  Because we are sometimes in destinations very different than what we’re used to at home, we get to explore the culture, which includes trying new sports and tasting new foods.  

PIP CIS in action

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