PIP life in Afica

We find the perfect mix of “home” with our own families and fellow PIPers.

  • PIPers in Africa have the opportunity to choose where we want to live, so being onsite with our clients and still being able to spend time with our families makes for a nice work-life balance for us.

  • When we are on client engagements and away from home, we make sure to have some fun by spending time with one another outside the office.  We love to have team dinners, group jogs and gym sessions to make our client site feel like our home away from home.

  • We make it a point to engage with the local community and immerse ourselves in the rich and unique African culture during engagements.  We often spend time volunteering and participating in charity work within the region.  Recently, we organised an Easter celebration for a local orphanage and donated a collection of toys and clothes, while also providing Easter eggs for the kids.  We have also participated in a School Shoe programme where we raised money for essentials such as shoes, books and uniforms for the children in a local primary school in rural South Africa.

PIP Africa in action

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