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PIP life in North America

We take in new sights and sounds as a PIP family.

  • PIPers in North America take advantage of each client location by savouring their experiences.  If we’re in Utah, for example, we may hit up a Utah Jazz basketball game or stay over for a weekend and ski down the slopes in Deer Valley.
  • We have the opportunity to work from our home office when we’re not on an engagement and travel home on the weekends when we are.  Life on the road as a consultant is rewarding, yet a lot of hard work, so we appreciate the time we spend at home with those close to us.
  • North American PIPers do most of their work in region, but when the opportunity arises, we will be the first to jump on a client engagement abroad.  Some of our team have worked on short-term projects in places like Australia, Austria, Chile, Dominican Republic, Norway, South Africa, Spain and St. Simons.

PIP North America in action

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