A note from our MD


I’m committed to us creating a firm where diversity and inclusion are treasured and eventually become just the way we are. It’s true that we have a long way to go, but we’re working on it. I want us to constantly celebrate our diversity – whether it is our different cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, passions, or experiences. Together, our differences are what makes us great.

I want our people to know they can bring their whole self to work – to be able to share their highs and lows (in and outside of work) and know they can be accepted and celebrated for who they are. I want them to have the greatest life they can – to be supported when things aren’t going well and celebrated when things are.

There's something unique in all of us – find out what it is, live it, breathe it, and we can all enjoy it together. - Skipp

There is no one measure of diversity

We work hard to create a culture where all our people can achieve their full potential, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. Every one of us brings different perspectives and different skills – and when we focus on each other’s strengths, together we can create some amazing things.

We want our people to be in an environment where they can work to their strengths, while surrounded by people who recognise them for their unique value and support them in figuring out and delivering their dreams. And hopefully most can create their dream at Partners in Performance.

Build the career that works for you

We offer flexibility to suit your lifestyle

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to balancing work and personal life. Our goal is to ensure each person is given the resources and flexibility to make that balancing act work for them.

In some regions this means offering additional short-term unpaid leave, allowing a total of six or eight weeks of annual leave. Whether it’s taking a ‘career break’ to fulfil your personal goals, such as travelling the world or having the ability to work from home to spend more time with family, we want to be able to support you and help put in place the best solution for your lifestyle.

We help develop a work life balance that works for you

If you’re expecting a new family member or serving as a primary caregiver, we want to make life as easy as possible. We do this through paid parental leave (up to 16 weeks for Primary Caregiver and 3 weeks for Secondary Caregiver) and offering ways for you to balance work and family commitments. 

There’s no one solution that fits for every family, or even the same family as it evolves and grows over the years. That’s why we work with our people on a case-by-case basis to find a balance that works for them and their family.  

We believe strength lies in differences, not in similarities

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s vital to our culture, policies and systems. Celebrating diversity in the workplace is about more than just doing the right thing by all people. It’s about bringing a greater diversity of perspectives and skills in the team, which in turn increases capability and makes room for more innovative thinking. 

We recognise that diversity is imperative to a great work environment, and it’s part of what makes our people so interesting to work with. Our ethnic, gender, religious, political, sexual orientations or ability may be different, but it’s these differences that allow us to bring new and unique ideas to the table.  

Whether it’s working with our senior women to support women in the workplace or reviewing our hiring practices to ensure they are open and inclusive, we are continuously striving to improve our initiatives in this area.  

We value people who are themselves

With diversity there's another value we constantly reinforce – the meaning of inclusiveness and how unconscious bias can affect our own behaviours and therefore the people around us. An inclusive culture is created by every person at Partners in Performance – one kind conversation a day, or one five-minute chat to understand another’s world can make such a difference. 

We actively run internal training on inclusiveness and coach our team so that everyone here understands the importance of their words and actions being fair and fact-based. By including everyone in the conversation, we’re able to understand the different challenges we all face and we’re better able to support each other, regardless of gender or race or whatever background we have.  

We’re serious about creating an inclusive and supportive culture where our female consultants can succeed and thrive  

We’re constantly striving to create this sort of work environment by creating more flexibility for our people (both female and male) to manage their families and home lives, ensuring they understand how unconscious bias can affect our behaviour, making it safe for them to speak up when they see someone being excluded or demeaned based on their gender, and supporting female networks where women can discuss the challenges they are facing and how we as a firm can address them together.  

Our female support networks across the globe give women at Partners in Performance a platform to build strong connections with each other and engage with inspiring female business leaders who are leading the way for women in the workplace.  

We want to make our workplace, as well as the world around us, better for LGBTIQ++ people

Our MD, Skipp said this best in her blog for global Pride Month:  

I would be very surprised if any of our LGBTIQ++ people and greater family members had not had moments in their lives where they were frightened for their safety, where they were abused, worried about discrimination at work or felt they had to hide this part of themselves for a variety of reasons.  

I want our people to have the greatest life they can, to know they can be accepted and celebrated for who they are. If you are LGBTIQ++ or selecting your own letter – have a great Pride month (now and every other month of the year), with love from me and the leadership team.  

We unleash potential in ourselves and in others

Culture is the outcome of our behaviours and values – what it feels like working at Partners in Performance. It manifests as a living, breathing thing, which adapts and changes as people join and (hopefully not too often) leave.  

We all affect our culture daily through our decisions and interactions with each other. In our best moments, when we role model our values – of courage, integrity, compassion and respect, commitment and responsibility, and our unswerving focus on ‘Unleashing potential’ – we can create an exciting, supportive, fun culture that celebrates each other’s strengths.  

Over time, as we all do this, it will accumulate into a fantastic, inclusive place where we can all deliver brilliant work that we can be proud of, support each other to reach our full potential, and make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world.