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Case Study

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Business challenge

Our client had identified a performance gap which they needed support validating, quantifying and closing with a clear, practical roadmap.


A large European oil and gas business needed to understand the full performance potential of its flagship refinery.

External benchmarking had revealed a significant performance gap against its peers. European refineries were going through a phase of market and regulatory change leading to asset closures, so it was critical to address these issues for long‑term viability.


in EBIT improvement potential identified (35%)


Conduct a diagnostic with a team of industry experts to make very specific and practical recommendations:

  • Improve production planning and optimise product mix and volume through liquefied petroleum gas optimisation and better operational execution of the plan
  • Increase availability by reducing unit turnaround frequency and duration, increase reliability (both maintenance and process‑related) and reduce process variability
  • Reduce maintenance spend through increased tool time, improve contractor management and optimise spans of control
  • Address the additional source of lost margin

Key Takeaway

Benchmarks may give you a top‑down gap assessment but often fail to bring actionable insight

A short diagnostic with industry experts can give you a prioritised and practical roadmap to closing your performance gap

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